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Aix-en-Provanse Francja
Po długiej i męczącej podróży (wyjazd do Warszawy o 4 rano, odlot do Monachium z godzinnym opóźnieniem -ech ta Lufthansa! - pięciogodzinne oczekiwanie w stolicy Bawarii, a potem już raz dwa Marsylia) dodarliśmy ok 22:00 na miejsce czyli do serca Prowansji - Aix-en Provance. Pierwszy dzień pełen wrażeń: zapoznanie z systemem francuskiej edukacji na poziomie liceum, a po obiedzie zwiedzanie lokalnej perełki - Muzee Granet z dziełami takich mistrzów jak Rembrant (autoportret), Picasso, Cezanne! Przez kolejne dni zwiedzanie Aix będzie stałym punktem naszego programu: czwartek - fabryczka wyrabiająca lokalny przysmak cukierniczy czyli Calissons - słodkie ciasteczka w kształcie łódki?, ust? polane lukrem, środa- tradycyjny prowansalski market na świeżym powietrzu, muzea i kościoły, które (te ostatnie) niestety są zaniedbane i sprawiają przygnębiające wrażenie. Czas płynie szybko... Do zobaczenia w kraju!

European Week - ENGLAND

opublikowane: 16 mar 2012, 01:34 przez lancaster@lobiecz.pl

For European Week we chose to come to Poland so we all woke up in the middle of the night to drive from Lancaster to Liverpool airport. Our Ryanair plane left a cold and wet country to arrive in another cold and wet country! We were immediately met by our very welcoming hosts and had a drink together at Krakow airport while we waited for the delayed Germans. Eventually they arrived and we enjoyed travelling along Polish roads all the way to Biecz where we went to our hosts' homes and had dinner. Then we went to Grodzka for some drinks and we got to know eachother. We were all amazed at how well Polish students could speak English and how friendly everyone was. We certainly couldn't speak French as well as they could speak English!
On Tuesday we had to wake up earlier than normal in order to get to school for 8am - in England school starts at 9am so we can wake up at around 8am! We began the day by playing some games - a body part joining game and "Never have I ever..."! In England we call it "I have never..." but they both mean the same thing! Then we gave a presentation  about our school in Lancaster and learned some Polish. We found all the Polish words really difficult to speak correctly so we just say "TAK!" for everything. After eating tortellini in beetroot soup... a tasty meal which we've never had anything like before, we went on a tour around Biecz. We saw a monastery, the town centre with the huge clock tower and a cemetary on top of a vantage point over the city and we took lots of pictures. It was incredible how much historic architecture there was in Biecz even though they have such a small population there. Then we went home for dinner with our hosts. After this we went to the bowling alley which had only 2 lanes - in England bowling alleys usually have about 20 lanes! We had a lot of fun and England was victorious with Danny scoring 100 points. 8 over par.
In the morning we arrived at school and learnt how to do the traditional Polish prom dance- the Polonez. Then we did another dance which was very similar to an Irish Ceilidh which we sometimes have in England. After being completely exhausted from dancing we went to the ladybug supermarket to buy a huge amount of fruit for a fruit salad. We loved the way everything was cheaper than in England, the alcohol was especially cheap compared to in England. We all enjoyed the different foods we made in the afternoon and the fruit salad was a great success! In the evening we travelled a long way by car to get to a big swimming pool. It had three water slides, two jacuzzis, a wave pool, sauna, steamroom and plunge pool. Meanwhile Will went to chilli bar with his host Aleksandra. The swimming pool was really fun and we wish we had one like it in England. Phil was still in a really good mood despite losing his glasses on the way too. 
We went to Carpathian Troy by coach and watched an interesting film about the history of the region and walked around the open-air museum. Phil was particularly interested because he studies ancient greek and could compare it to the Troy which the greeks fought against thousands of years ago. Then we went back to our favourite place - Grodzka! The pizzas there were delicious although they put a little bit too many mushrooms in than we were used to. After that the lads were hyped up to play football! We played 4-a-side football in the sports hall: It was Will, Danny, Phil and Marco against a team of Poles. It was a very even match which eventually ended: England (+Marco) 6 - 4 Poland ! We were all exhausted afterwards and so went back to Grodzka for more drinks to recover.
We're writing about our experiences in Poland!

German experience of "Comenius 2012"

opublikowane: 16 mar 2012, 01:09 przez rendsburg@lobiecz.pl   [ zaktualizowane 16 mar 2012, 01:40 ]

Monday, 12th MARCH :

We had a quite long and tiring journey. After 14 hours traveling, we started at 3 am.,  we finally arrived at the houses of our hostfamily. At the evening only Marco went to Grodzka, Hannah and Lena spent their evening with their hostfamilys. Our first night in a new country, a new famiy and in a new bed was strange.

Tuesday,13th MARCH :

We started our Day with "Icebreaking activities", we started to know everyone of the Comenius Projekt. After that we learned some polish words and presented our school. In the afternoon we made a journey trough biecz. We spend our evening at łopata, the bowlingcnter. It was very good there, we had a lot of fun there, because everyone get along well. But Hannah was missing, she was on a birthdayparty with her host paulina.

Wednesday, 14 th MARCH :

We had lesson with our hosts, it was a new and exiting experience for us. Then we learned some easy and typical polish and belgish dances. After that we made some Film workshops, then we had Lunch, afterwards we made Fruitsalad and Hawaii Toast. It was very tasty.

We spent our evening at "Chilli", it"s a Pub in City near Biecz. We we're eating, drinking, talking ad laughing a lot.

Thursday, 15th MARCH :

We met in school at 8 am an went by bus to Carapathian Troy, it's museum of polish History. It was a very good, funny and intersting day. It was the first day with sun !
At 12 pm, after we finished our trip at Carapathian Troy, we had Lunch in Grodzka, a popluar restarurant in Biecz.

After lunch  we did p.e. in the gym, it was funny.
We spent our evening at Grodzka, the whole school was there. We ate and drunk and had fun.

Friday, 16th MARCH :

We worked at this page and prepared a presentation of our impressions und feelings from the week.

All in all it was a very interesting and funny week. We made a lot of new experince and we learned that the  polish people are very hospitable !

(c) Marco M. , Hannah F. and Lena G.

European Week in Poland by Hungarian guests

opublikowane: 16 mar 2012, 00:58 przez miszkolc@lobiecz.pl   [ zaktualizowane 16 mar 2012, 01:27 ]

It was a memorable week.It was the best choice for us to come to Poland.We enjoyed this holiday because here everybody is friendly and helpful and we had a great time together.The programes were excellent.We visited many interesting places and we learnt a lot of things about Poland and we studied some Polish words (e.g.:łopata,tak,truskawka,ser etc.)
We think Biecz is so quiet,clean with many beautiful buildings.Our favourite place was Grodzka.
We hope we'll come back here in the future and meet everyone again.This is all about our lovely week in Poland. 

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