German experience of "Comenius 2012"

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Monday, 12th MARCH :

We had a quite long and tiring journey. After 14 hours traveling, we started at 3 am.,  we finally arrived at the houses of our hostfamily. At the evening only Marco went to Grodzka, Hannah and Lena spent their evening with their hostfamilys. Our first night in a new country, a new famiy and in a new bed was strange.

Tuesday,13th MARCH :

We started our Day with "Icebreaking activities", we started to know everyone of the Comenius Projekt. After that we learned some polish words and presented our school. In the afternoon we made a journey trough biecz. We spend our evening at łopata, the bowlingcnter. It was very good there, we had a lot of fun there, because everyone get along well. But Hannah was missing, she was on a birthdayparty with her host paulina.

Wednesday, 14 th MARCH :

We had lesson with our hosts, it was a new and exiting experience for us. Then we learned some easy and typical polish and belgish dances. After that we made some Film workshops, then we had Lunch, afterwards we made Fruitsalad and Hawaii Toast. It was very tasty.

We spent our evening at "Chilli", it"s a Pub in City near Biecz. We we're eating, drinking, talking ad laughing a lot.

Thursday, 15th MARCH :

We met in school at 8 am an went by bus to Carapathian Troy, it's museum of polish History. It was a very good, funny and intersting day. It was the first day with sun !
At 12 pm, after we finished our trip at Carapathian Troy, we had Lunch in Grodzka, a popluar restarurant in Biecz.

After lunch  we did p.e. in the gym, it was funny.
We spent our evening at Grodzka, the whole school was there. We ate and drunk and had fun.

Friday, 16th MARCH :

We worked at this page and prepared a presentation of our impressions und feelings from the week.

All in all it was a very interesting and funny week. We made a lot of new experince and we learned that the  polish people are very hospitable !

(c) Marco M. , Hannah F. and Lena G.